Monday, April 1, 2013

Back from Spring Break!

Winterjam 2013: RED! 
Welcome back! I can't believe spring break is already over, but it was
awesome!   I loved being able to go home and spend time with family
and friends.  Some of the highlights of my break were that I got to go
to Witnerjam 2013 in Cleveland, OH, I got to go home for the first
time in about four months, and I got to relax! I really enjoyed being
home again and attending my home church too!  On one of the Sunday nights, I even got to help out with the youth group and talk to my leader back home about a student ministry opportunity! 

What did you do for spring break?

A few weeks before break I remember a group of TFC students attended
Winterjam 2013 in Atlanta, GA so it was really cool to see the same
concert except back home with my youth group! I'd have to say Toby Mac
and Red were the best groups on the tour.  Have you been to Winterjam?
If so, in what city?

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  1. I went in 2011, in Atlanta and RED was awesome and signed my poster and were so cool to meet and then Newsboys were just amazing