Thursday, April 18, 2013

Campus Preview Weekend!

Admissions Team!
Campus Tour!
During the weekend of April 4th-6th, many prospective junior and senior high school students came to visit the campus! We were excited to see over a hundred new faces throughout the weekend. I really enjoyed getting to meet the students and was privileged to have a previewer from Florida named Lisa stay in our room! 


TFC president, Dr. Bob at Check-in!
Some of the highlights from Campus Preview Weekend included a talent show that was put on by one of our student organizations (called Student Missions Fellowship), an evening game of capture the flag, a hike with the Outdoor Club, a question and answer time with the college president and his cabinet, a bonfire and s’more night at the Toccoa Falls, and a vintage street fair and carnival. The students who visited also attended classes of their choice throughout the day on Friday, took tours of the campus, and met with their personal Admission’s Counselors. Check out the other tabs to see more photos from Campus Preview Weekend!

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  1. That's me and my parents and grandparents talking to DR.Bob how awesome :D